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Ruiqi LI

Associate Professor, Ph.D.




College of Information Science and Technology, 

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Beijing 100029, China

E-mail: lir@mail.buct.edu.cn

Twitter: @RuiqiLii

Address: Room 410, 15 Third North Ring Road,

Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China


2017.01-2017.12          Boston University                                                                           Visiting Scholar in Center for Polymer Studies
2015.12-2017.01          Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                        Visiting Student in Civil & Environmental Engr.
2013.09-2018.06        Beijing Normal University                                                              Ph.D. Candidate in Systems Science
2009.09-2013.06       University of Electronic Science and Technology of China        Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering



Urban Modelling and Urban Computation

1.       Ruiqi Li, Lei Dong, Jiang Zhang*, Xinran Wang, Wenxu Wang*, Zengru Di, H. Eugene Stanley*. Simple spatial scaling rules behind complex cities. Nature Communications (SCI Top Journal, IF 13.691), 2017, 8: 1841, doi:10.1038/s41467-017-01882-w.

2.       Lei Dong, Ruiqi Li*, Jiang Zhang*, Zengru Di. Population-weighted efficiency in transportation networks. Scientific Reports (SCI, IF 4.847), 2016, 6: 26377.

3.       Ruiqi Li, Lei Dong, Xinran Wang, Jiang Zhang*. Geometric origins of the Complex Cities. Proceedings of ECCS 2014 (CPCI-S), 2016, Chapter 5: 45-57.

4.       Yanyan Xu*, Ruiqi Li, Shan Jiang, Jiang Zhang, Marta C. Gonzalez. Clearer skies in Beijing - revealing the impacts of traffic on the predictability of air quality. Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting, 2017, 17-05211.

5.       Yanyan Xu, Shan Jiang, Ruiqi Li, Jiang Zhang, Jinhua Zhao, Sofiane Abbark, Marta C. Gonzalez. Unraveling Environmental Justice in Ambient PM2.5 Exposure in Beijing: A Big Data Approach. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (SSCI), 2019, 75: 12-21.

6.       Manuel A. Florez, Shan Jiang, Ruiqi Li, Carlos H. Mojica, Ramiro A. Rios, Marta C. Gonzalez*. Measuring the impacts of economic well-being in commuting networks—a case study of Bogota, Colombia. Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting, 2017, 17-03745.


Epidemic Spreading dynamics


1.       Ruiqi Li, Ming Tang*, Hui Pak-Ming. Epidemic spreading on multi-relational networks. Acta Physica Sinica (SCI), 2013, 62(16): 168903. DOI: 10.7498/aps.62.168903 [in Chinese]

[李睿琪, 唐明*, 许伯铭. 多关系网络上的流行病传播动力学研究. 物理学报 (SCI), 2013, 62(16): 168903.]

2.       Ruiqi Li*, Wenxu Wang, Zengru Di*. Effects of human dynamics on epidemic spreading in Cote d'Ivoire. Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (SCI), 2017, 467: 30-40

3.       Ruiqi Li, Peter Richmond, Bertrand M. Roehner*. Effect of population density on epidemics. Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (SCI), 2018, 510: 713-724

4.       Ruiqi Li, Wei Wang, Hui Yang, Panpan Shu, Liming Pan, Aixiang Cui, Ming Tang*. Review of Analytical Methods about Threshold in Epidemic Spreading in Complex Networks. Complex Systems and Complex Science (EI & CSCD), 2016, 13(1): 1-39. DOI: 10.13306/j.1672-3813.2016.01.001 [in Chinese]

[李睿琪, 王伟, 杨慧, 舒盼盼, 潘黎明, 崔爱香, 唐明*. 复杂网络上流行病传播动力学的爆发阈值解析综述. 复杂系统与复杂性科学 (EI & CSCD), 2016, 13(1): 1-39.]

5.       Lei Gao, Ruiqi Li, Wei Wang*, Panpan Shu, Hui Gao*, Shimin Cai. Effects of individual popularity on information spreading on complex networks. Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (SCI), 2018, 489: 32-39

Venture-Capital Firms Network Analysis

1.       Jarder Luo*, Ruiqi Li, Fangda Fan, Jie Tang. Repeated Cooperation Matters — An Analysis of Syndication in the Chinese VC Industry by ERGM Model. Chapter 7 of Social Network Analysis: Interdisciplinary Approaches and Case Studies, CRC Press, 2017, p177-p193.

Other Research

1.       Hongmei Lei, Ying Chen, Ruiqi Li, Deli He, Jiang Zhang. Maximum Entropy for the International Division of Labor. PLoS One (SCI), 2015, 10(7), e0129955. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0129955.

2.       Fei Zhao, Tao Zhou, Liang Zhang, Minghui Ma, Jinhu Liu, Fei Yu, Yilong Zha, Ruiqi Li. Research Progress on Wikipedia. Journal of UESTC (EI), 2010, 39(3).


Invited Talks 

Mansueto Institute Workshop on           (Hong Kong, China, 2019)      Fusing urban computation and modeling: From human interactions to

   Cities and Urbanization in China                                                                transportation efficiency and urban evolution

4th Annual meeting of Complexity        (Dalian, China, 2018)               [Plenary] Simple Spatial Scaling Rules behind Complex Cities

   Science of China             

Tencent Institute & Swarma Club          (Beijing, China, 2018)              Growth and Design – Urban studies from a systems science perspective

   Video link: https://campus.swarma.org/gpac=395                                    [in Chinese][生长与设计 – 复杂性视角下的智慧城市]

Wuhan University                                    (Wuhan, China, 2018)             Simple Spatial Scaling Rules behind Complex Cities

Contributed Talks

CCS2019​            (Singapore, 2019)                          Folding cities

CNA2018            (Cambridge, UK, 2018)                 Simple Spatial Scaling Rules behind Complex Cities

KSS2018             (Tokyo, Japan, 2018)                    Simple Spatial Scaling Rules behind Complex Cities

CCS2018             (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018)       [Plenary Session – Lightning Talk] Simple Spatial Scaling Rules behind Complex Cities

                                                                                        Video link: https://youtu.be/qcfM96JM0vw

NetSci2018         (NetONet, Paris, France, 2018)    Simple Spatial Scaling Rules behind Complex Cities

NetSciX18           (Hangzhou, China, 2018)              Measuring Population-weighted Efficiency in Road Networks with Cell Phone Data

Statphys26         (Lyon, France, 2016)                     Spatial Scalings in cities: a united model

CNSNS12            (Xi’an, China, 2016)                       Revealing investment performance of VCs in China from network position evolution

ECCS14               (CitiNet14, Lucca, Italy, 2014)        Simple Rules Yield Complex Cities

Statphys25         (Seoul, Korea, 2013)                      Epidemic spreading on multi-relational networks

CCCN13              (Hangzhou, China, 2013)              Epidemic Spreading in Cote d’Ivoire with the effects of human mobility

CCCN12              (Nanjing, China, 2012)                  Epidemic spreading on multi-relational networks

CCCN12              (Nanjing, China, 2012)                  Review of Analytical Methods about Threshold in Epidemic Spreading in Complex Networks


National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, “The research on the impacts of the coherent evolution of multi-city systems on scaling heterogeneity”, Grant Number: 61903020 (PI)

BUCT Talent Start-up Project, "Research on growth and co-evolution of multi-city systems", Grant No.: BUCTRC201825 (PI)

STL Faculty Seed Fund, “Mining Big Data to Link Affordable Housing Policy with Traffic Congestion Mitigation in Beijing, China”, $150,000, 2015.09-2017.09 (https://stl.mit.edu/project/mining-big-data-link-affordable-housing-policy-traffic-congestion-mitigation-beijing-china)

National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, “Influence of the world's population migration in an open environment on China”, Grant Number: 71701018

National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, “Analysis of Collective Attention Flow on Web”, Grant Number: 61673070

Professional Activities

PC Member: CCS(Conference on Complex Systems), Singapore, Sep. 30th - Oct. 4th, 2019

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